Wildfire Threat Endangers California Homes

wildfire threat With drought conditions persisting amidst a wave of oppressive heat, California homeowners have to brace themselves for an increased threat of wildfires, a long-standing bane of residents of the Golden State.

According to a recent collaborative study carried out by the Insurance Information Network of California and Verisk Insurance Solutions, over two million homes – 15% of the statewide total – in various regions of the state face severe damage or even total destruction by wildfires. The unyielding heat wave and resulting drought have dried out thousands of acres’ worth of trees, dense brush and other vegetation, turning once-lush areas into easily flammable fuel for fires sparked by natural events such as lightning strikes or man-made activity such as accidents or even deliberate arson.

The study points out that 417,000 homes are under severe threat of wildfires in Los Angeles County alone, citing such risk factors as the presence of too much dry vegetation, siting of buildings on hills and other sloped surfaces, and the amount of vehicular access to certain areas or lack thereof. Additionally, the pervasive heat this fall will likely be exacerbated by the seasonal Santa Ana winds which help fan wildfires in Southern California under conditions of hot, dry weather.

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