What information will you need to connect me with an insurance agent?

What information will you need to connect me with an agent?Espanol Seguros can compare your insurance policy rates quickly and easily against those of other insurance agencies in the market.

It is important to know that we will need your basic information such as name, insured asset, phone, email, state where you live, etc. We won’t request personal information like your Social Security Number or bank information. Just the information we need to make a rate comparison quickly, easily and free!

Cost of insurance: comparing rates

Once we compare your current rates, we can determine whether or not you can pay less than what you are paying or estimate if you can get a better and broader coverage. With your own data and comparative information, we can contact the professional agent that best suits your personal situation, taking into account the types of insurance you have. That way you can achieve better rates that would make you save money. The insurance agent that will connect with you may ask you for additional information for searching the best rate.

You can be contacted by an agent in Spanish for your convenience, if you prefer.

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