Texas Insurance Companies and Weather Services Warn of Dangers

National Weather Service, recently warned Texas residents and business owners

windstorm insurance John Meth, of the National Weather Service, recently warned Texas residents and business owners that the 2012 hurricane season is in full effect and now is the time to ensure that they have windstorm insurance. In addition, tropical storm predictions for this season have increased from 12 to 17 around the Gulf of Mexico area.

In an effort to educate Texas residents, Metz has been touring Texas communities with Mark Hanna, the Insurance Council of Texas manager. Two State Farm community specialists, Amelia Folkes and Alime Nieves, have also joined the tour.

Per Hannah, Hurricane Ike has been the costliest hurricane in the history of Texas when it tore through the state four years ago, leaving many people homeless and several businesses demolished. Hannah urges Texas residents to make sure their insurance policy covers them in the event of a hurricane:

“Now is the time to talk to your insurance agent and make sure about your coverage. Ask questions now while you can get ahold of your insurance agent. It’s easier to find your agent now, before a storm, than after.”

Hannah also urges business owners to look over their insurance policies to ensure that they have the right amount of windstorm insurance.

If you don’t have windstorm insurance at all, it’s crucial to purchase a policy immediately. In addition, be certain to inventory your home and all of your property inside. Take pictures of all of your assets and make sure that all of your valuables are listed on your insurance policy.

If you need assistance with right amount of windstorm insurance, or if you have any questions or concerns, visit the official Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) website, a non-profit state insurance organization that provides consumers with insurance information and hurricane awareness details.

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