Texas Insurance Company Shares Ways to Save for Teens

Ways to Save for Teens on Auto Insurance

texas auto insuranceA Texas Auto Insurance has recently shared several ways that Texas drivers can save on their auto insurance prices.

According to Frank Hursh, the owner of a local Texas insurance agency, there are a variety of ways for teenage drivers to save money even though their premiums are usually higher than average:

“Insurance companies are typically reluctant to insure teenage drivers for a number of reasons including that they do not have experience. Age is also a factor. Because teenagers are so young, they tend to be involved in more accidents.”

The first step for parents to take is to purchase their teens safe and reliable cars instead of flashy and expensive sports cars. Although a safe car may be boring and “ugly” to teens, sports cars will almost always have a higher premium. Adding in the extra costs of insuring a teenage driver, and the prices can get extremely high.

Additionally, students who make the honor roll or high grades in class could be eligible for “good student” discounts. These discounts have been shown to make a huge financial difference in insurance prices.

Furthermore, students should always take driver’s education, if even their state doesn’t require the course. Driver’s education not only prepares teenagers for the road, but several insurance companies nationwide offer discounts for students who have successfully completed the program.

In addition, parents should always shop around for different insurance. Many parents assume that their teen’s’ policy is going to be expensive no matter what, and usually end up just signing up with the first company that gives them a quote. Yet, different insurance programs have different discounts and incentives for teen drivers.

With the aforementioned savings steps combined, parents should be able to able reduce the premiums of their Texas teen drivers quite substantially.

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