Shopping for Insurance in New Jersey

Finding the cheapest auto insurance rates in New Jersey takes a bit of work, but if you are willing to put in the time, you can find discounted rates. Although there are factors that you cannot control in the pricing of auto insurance, being smart about your purchase will keep your  So what steps should you take to ensure you are always paying the lowest possible insurance rate with the most coverage possible?

Follow these steps when searching for cheap auto insurance and you will succeed in your search:

  • Educate yourself – Do you know what coverage levels are on your current auto insurance policy? If not, take some time and read through our coverage definitions found HERE. Being educated about your purchases as a consumer is the best way to stay ahead of the game.
  • Ask about discounts – Whenever you are shopping for cheaper rates, ask your agent or insurance company if there are any other discounts that they can apply to your policy. In fact, asking them for a list of the discounts that the company offers, will force them to review the policy and make sure you have every discount possible. If you don’t ask, they may not have applied everything discount possible to your policy.
  • Bundle your policies – Do you have life insurance? Do you have home insurance? Renters insurance? Condo insurance? By putting all of your policies with the same company, you will be rewarded.
  • Increase your deductibles – One way consumers can control the cost of their auto insurance rate is by raising their deductibles on Comprehensives and Collision coverage. Yes, if you are in an at fault accident or file a claim, you will have to pay the additional fee, but if you plan and keep the money aside in case of an accident, you will save.
  • Shop, shop, shop – Every time your auto insurance policy comes up for renewal; you should be shopping your rates. Without knowing it, violations may have dropped off your policy and unless you ask your company to rerate your policy, you will not see the price discount.  Do you have a six or twelve month policy? If you have a twelve month policy, shop for new rates at your six month mark. There may be new promotions or discounts that you have become eligible for.

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