New Jersey Fines Among Highest for Uninsured Drivers

uninsured driversAlthough all states mandate that drivers have at least liability coverage in order to drive legally on public roadways, not all states enforce the same rules and fees when a driver is found driving without insurance. A study has recently revealed that the state of New Jersey has some of the strictest consequences for uninsured drivers.

In most states, fines for driving uninsured typically run around $200 with a temporary driver’s license suspension of a few months or until the fines are paid. In New Jersey, however, along with a fine ranging anywhere from $300 to $1,000, drivers run the risk license suspension for up to a year as well as state-mandated community service. The consequences increase for habitual violators. A few weeks in jail, fines of up to $5,000, and driver’s license suspension for at least two years is common repercussions for New Jersey drivers who are caught habitually driving without auto insurance. In order for New Jersey drivers to reinstate their driver’s license, they must reapply again with the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, there is no guarantee of reinstatement. The decision whether to reinstate a habitual insurance violator’s license depends upon the agency and the severity of the violations.

In an effort to cut down on uninsured drivers, other states are taking strict initiatives along with New Jersey. In Louisiana, for example, legislators revised ACT 512, which allows police officers to tow vehicles that have no insurance. This law formerly applied to individuals who were caught repeatedly driving without insurance, but it was revised in 2012 to include first-time violators as well.

The best course of action is to shop around for the most affordable insurance rate and always keep at least the state-required of coverage on your vehicle. Consequencesof driving without insurance can lead to court fines, fees, and driver’s license reinstatement costs that end up being a lot higher than an insurance premium.

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