Lowest Complaints in Over a Decade : Texas Auto Insurance

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, drivers in Texas have filed the lowest number of Texas auto insurance complaints since 1994.

In records going back to 1994, Texas auto insurance holders made close to 4,160 complaints annually. In 2002, Texas auto insurance complaints reached an all-time high, with close over 5,620 complaints in that year alone. However, last year, in 2011, there were only 1,414 complaints. Typically, the complaints involve Texas insurance companies failing to pay claims in an adequate time frame. Complaints are usually filed via email, telephone calls, fax, or through the mail.

The spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Texas, Mark Hannah, stated that shopping around for the best Texas insurance is the reason behind the decline in complaints:

“That’s why it pays to shop for auto insurance. With the complaints that come into TDI, the state agency can show the few insurance companies that are not doing a good job in settling auto claims and the Complaint Index ratio is the red flag.”

With the ease of shopping for Texas auto insurance online, a plethora of Texas residents have been able to compare each Texas insurance company more easily than ever before. This gives Texas residents the opportunity to quickly compare quotes, discounts, and coverage information of several different Texas auto insurance companies from the comfort of their own home. This in turn, produces customers who are happier with their insurance providers, and less likely to file complaints.

To search for different Texas auto insurance companies, consumers are advised to visit the official Texas Department of insurance website, where you can compare insurance companies, read any complaints filed, and find answers to a variety of different insurance questions and concerns.

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