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Life Insurance

Life Insurance: the importance of having one

Life insurance is a policy that will pay your loved ones a sum if you are to lose your life. These policies are a great way to protect your family’s financial future past your own life. Life insurance is often a tough topic to cover and the type of policy that best fits you can be confusing. There are many types of policies including, whole life, term life, return of premium etc. Figuring out how much coverage will take care of your family is on a long term basis is very important and should only be done with a licensed life insurance professional. The most popular types of life insurance are listed below, however there are multiple types of life insurance for every situation.

Types of Life Insurance:


  • Whole Life Insurance – Whole life is one of the more expensive insurance products, however it offers three great features that many consumers like. It offers a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash value growth rate and offers a low risk of lapse.
  • Term Life Insurance – This type of life insurance is for a set number of years at a set price. The premium that you pay does not change throughout the life of the policy/
  • Universal Life Insurance – The universal life insurance product is in the middle of term life and whole life in terms of expense; however is a more complicated offering. For more details, please visit our Quotes page.


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