Insurance for Texas College Kids

seguro de auto According to the San Antonio Express News, a college student attending school in Waco, Texas, was recently found dead close to his apartment. William Patterson, a freshman at Baylor University, was stuck in his car close to Penland Hall when the car caught fire.

While most students remember tuition, books, and supplies, several Texas college students forget about insurance, such as health, renter’s, and even Texas auto insurance, which is mandatory. However, many students and their parents simply forgo insurance, thinking that the rates are just too expensive for college-bound students.

Health Insurance:

At some schools in Texas, health insurance is a requirement. Thanks to the federal reform, many parents have the opportunity to keep their children on their insurance plans until the age of 26. If not, several schools offer healthcare insurance to students. Students can also look into individual healthcare plans that provide discounts to those in college.

Auto Insurance

In the state of Texas, having at least liability insurance is a must for anyone who is operating a vehicle on Texas roadways. Even if a college student only drives home on the weekends, it’s still mandatory to keep auto insurance. If the student leaves the car at home while attending college, there is a chance that the premium can be lowered by up to 20%. In addition, take advantage of any “good student” discounts if applicable, such as discounts for maintaining a high GPA.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal Property Insurance, or renter’s insurance, is the #1 type of insurance that Texas college students fail to purchase. However, the average student today typically has a plethora of electronic gadgets that are worth quite a bit to someone looking for a way to make a quick buck. In addition, if these gadgets happen to be lost in a complex fire or natural disaster, usually the only way to recover damages is if the student possesses renter’s insurance. However, renter’s insurance typically runs around $100 to $200 per year for Texas students, and deductibles are as low as $50.

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