Insurance Company Raises Rates in Illinois

Disappointing news for Illinois drivers

illinois driversThere is disappointing news for Illinois drivers who are insured through Farmers Group. The insurance company, which is the sixth largest car insurer in the state of Illinois, has increased its insurance by an outstanding 15% for Illinois drivers. This is the one of the largest insurance price increases in decades.

A Farmers Group spokesperson released a statement explaining the reasons for increased rates, which, according to the statement, is out of the company’s hands. High auto accidents in Illinois which have resulted in rising medical costs, auto repair costs, and parts labor, was the deciding factor that led to the increase.

However, in an effort to lighten the blow, Farmers Group is offering discounts and savings to existing customers who opt to purchase Illinois auto and home insurance through their company. More details can be provided via local Farmers Group insurance agents. For many, this still may not be feasible with the harsh economic conditions affecting not only Illinois, but the entire nation.

If you are shopping around for new insurance, or would just like to determine if you can get a better rate from your current insurance carrier, there are several different options available. Word-of-mouth referrals to different companies can potentially get you and your referral a discount. Other incentives, such as age, employer, safe driver, and student discounts may also apply. Be certain to check with your current insurer regarding any applicable discounts you qualify for that you may not be aware of. If you are looking for a different provider, make sure to inquire about any discounts as well as compare prices between several different insurance companies in Illinois.

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