I sold my car in New Jersey, how do I transfer ownership?

If you buy or sell a car in New Jersey, you are required to personally concur to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office to transfer the title. The process is usually very simple, but requires you to collaborate with the buyer or seller to ensure that the process can be completed successfully. To avoid additional charges ($ 25 penalty), you have to complete the title transfer within ten days from the date of the vehicle sale.

Checklist to avoid penalty charges when transferring car ownership:

  • Complete the back of the title, indicating the name and buyer’s address, the date of purchase, the odometer mileage reading, the sale price, the buyer’s signature and the information and signature of the seller.
  • Present the signed title and pay the fee depending on the vehicle type and model.
  • The buyer must pay the sales tax for the vehicle purchase price at the time of the title transfer.

For further information on how to transfer ownership of a vehicle in the State of New Jersey, you can visit www.state.nj.us/mvc

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