How do I know if I am paying too much for my insurance?

How do I know if I am paying too much?The first thing to do is to compare the current rates you are paying in all your private insurance policies against other companies’ rates. Remember, only a proper comparison can be made when you compare the same coverage.

Every day we are bombarded with advertising about the benefits of changing to this or that company and they even call us offering rates that sound too good, as we compare them with which we are currently paying. But the problem is getting a consistent comparison. can do the job for you, without charge, and based on your information, it may connect you with experts that can make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and where necessary, advise you on the right company for your personal situation.

What happens in the insurance world is not simple. When calculating fees companies take into account different factors that they weigh in order to obtain a final cost for your insurance policy. What happens is that not all companies take exactly the same number of factors into account, or weight (value) them in the same way, this often produces differences.

The most common and basic factors auto insurance companies take into account are:

  • Your driving record
  • Your type of vehicle
  • Number of people using the car
  • The use you give to the car (going to work, for example)
  • Usual places where you drive
  • Whether you have a garage, etc..

Given the fact that Espanol Seguros knows the market well, after years of experience, it really makes the difference when comparing rates at You can end up getting cheaper insurance policies, as a result. You can also find a company that has a range of insurance coverage for all your needs, paying less than if you were acquiring insurance policies separately.

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