Check all your fixed expenses including your private insurance

When facing a different situation, change your routine

Each one of us, and perhaps even more in the Hispanic world, feel that our income (if we are still fortunate to enjoy that) is becoming increasingly insufficient to continue with our lifestyle for so many years. Check out what you took as an established routine of regular expenses, since if almost nothing is as before, your habits shouldn’t be either. How much is insurance? We talk about your private insurance, such as your spanish car insurance, house insurance (which can be rented to a tenant), home insurance (where you currently live), health insurance in Spanish, life insurance, insurance on specific goods, etc.

Do you know if what you pay for your private insurance is fair and reasonable?

You should compare the current rates you are paying against those in the market with other companies and you will be surprised. This could be overwhelming for you and you do not have to know the factors that can help lower the cost of your insurance, that’s to be advised by a certified insurance agent you can be contact through, a company that has been many years in the insurance industry, with professional agents that will save you lots of money just by analyzing the current conditions of your particular case and compare it with those available when you hired your car insurance , home insurance, etc.

Just imagine for example, you living in a secluded place in an area considered dangerous for many years and which now has been developed and now there is also a police station just around the corner and Fire Station setting it apart from what was considered an unpopulated area. These are just simple examples that an Insurance Advisor can use to detect on "routine costs" that automatically renew every year.

A preliminary step to positively break the routine

Contact to compare your insurance rates with those of other companies: totally free!

Espanol Seguros will guide you to entirely know your insurance policies

Once you know your personal situation and your insurance policies, may provide you the contact details of the counselor that best fits your case, in own language for the best communication and within the terms that you better know. This certificated agent may save you a lot of money (depending on the amount of insurance you have) that you are now wasting. And today, every dollar counts!

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