Auto Insurance in Phoenix: Requirements and Specifications

The average auto insurance payment in Phoenix is $1,699.93 for a year’s policy. With so many people driving on the roads in Phoenix, people must not think about going without auto insurance. The fact that the state requires them to purchase it with the possibility of a $250 fine and a three-month license suspension is another very good reason to buy it.

Specifications for Auto Insurance in Phoenix

People must purchase liability insurance in at least the amounts that have been set for Arizona. They must be able to prove that they have bodily injury liability that will cover one person’s medical bills, and the limit must be at least $15,000. The bodily injury liability must also have at least $30,000 to cover all injuries that result from the car collision.

Property can be damaged when one car hits another or some other object. Arizona also requires Phoenix residents to purchase property damage liability in the amount of at least $10,000. This type of coverage will pay to have the other parties’ vehicles repaired and city property repaired or replaced if it is damaged in the collision.

Phoenix drivers also have the option of purchasing coverage that the state does not require, and this insurance would apply to their own damages. If their vehicles are damaged in a car collision, they will need collision coverage to help pay the bills. If their cars are stolen or damaged by vandals, the comprehensive coverage they may purchase is what they can use to have the vehicle replaced or repaired.

Requirements and Discounts for Auto Insurance in Phoenix

Qualifications for auto insurance will be different for each auto insurance company. For example, some companies do not have the capacity to offer high risk policies. Typically, these will be needed by drivers arrested on DUI charges who may need to have the SR-22 form filed for them by their auto insurance companies. Not every company is licensed to do this, so these particular auto insurance customers will need to look elsewhere for their insurance coverage.

When drivers do find the auto insurance company that can offer them the coverage they need, they can help to lower the price they pay by asking about the company’s discounts. Auto insurance companies have several discounts, including the good driver, good student, retirement, defensive driving, low mileage, safety features and multi-car discounts. Qualifying for several can take a significant portion off of Phoenix drivers’ auto insurance rates.

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