The Importance of Comparing Insurance in San Francisco

If you want to drive in San Francisco, you must have some form of car insurance. Finding affordable car insurance may seem a bit difficult, especially if you have a less than perfect driving record or are trying to insure a teen. However, it is possible to find rates you can afford if you follow these useful tips.

California’s Low-Cost Insurance Program

San Francisco is one of several locations in California that recognizes the California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program, or the CLCA. This program provides low-income drivers with affordable car insurance, protecting themselves, their cars and any other persons that may be involved in an accident.

The rates for this insurance are around $350 per year, and additional coverage can be purchased for a minimal cost. Unmarried males who are 25 or younger will have to pay a surcharge of about 25 percent. To be eligible for this coverage, drivers must be at least 19, have a vehicle worth less than $20,000, be low-income, have a valid driver’s license and have one or less moving violations.

Comparing Insurance in San Francisco

If you are not low-income, there are still ways to find affordable insurance in San Francisco. First of all, it is best to compare the rates of several providers before choosing one. Not all insurance companies offer the same rates, and some are more expensive than others.

The best way to conduct comparisons is through an auto insurance comparison website. There are many of these available, and you simply need to enter your zip code and some basic information to obtain a list of insurance companies in your area. You can then take this list and research the companies by comparing their coverage and costs.

Taking Advantage of Auto Insurance Discounts in San Francisco

In an effort to rise above their competition, many insurance providers in San Francisco offer various discounts on auto insurance. Some drivers may even qualify for more than one discount at a time. Some of these discounts include safe drivers, air bags, alarm systems, multiple vehicles, multiple policies and perfect students.

These are just some of the discounts that may be available to drivers. Some companies also offer discounts to senior citizens, certain professionals and new clients. Thus, the best thing to do is compare the rates, discounts and coverage of several insurance providers before choosing one. When you follow these tips, you are sure to find rates you can afford.

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