Auto Insurance in Fresno

There are over 22 million licensed drivers in the state of California. With a population of almost a half a million residents in Fresno, which covers an area of about 112 square miles, you will be sharing the local Fresno roadways with hundreds of thousands of people each day when you get behind the wheel. Whether you regularly commute to work in your vehicle, participate in a car pool to get the kids to and from school each day or are driving around for leisure on your days off, you do run the risk of having an accident in Fresno any time you are driving.

Specifications Auto Insurance in Fresno

Fresno drivers are required to maintain auto insurance requirements according to state guidelines. The cost of a single car accident can be expensive, and drivers in California are financially responsible for the damages they cause to other drivers. In order to show that they have the financial means necessary to pay for damages they cause to other drivers, the state requires Fresno drivers and other drivers throughout the state to purchase a minimum liability auto insurance policy. Proof of this liability auto insurance is necessary in order to register your vehicle in Fresno, and you may be required to present proof of coverage if you are in an accident or are pulled over by law enforcement. The coverage of Fresno drivers must meet the state’s requirements of a 15/30/5 liability insurance policy. In addition to these state requirements, drivers may also be required by their auto lender to purchase additional coverage. For example, many auto lenders will require car owners to maintain a certain amount of collision or comprehensive coverage until the car loan has been paid off.

Requirements and Discounts for Auto Insurance in Fresno

All drivers who operate a vehicle on Fresno roadways are required, per state law, to meet the state’s liability coverage requirements, but many drivers will purchase additional coverage either to comply with their auto lender’s additional requirements or to decrease their liability on the road even further. There are different discounts that you may qualify for which can decrease the cost of your auto insurance. Consider, for example, that many car insurance companies will offer you a discount for being a safe driver with a clean driving record, for insuring multiple vehicles or multiple drivers under one policy and more. Each insurance company will offer different discounts, and these can be used to make buying insurance more affordable.

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