Atlanta Insurance: Considerations, Requirements and Discounts

Auto Insurance in Atlanta:

With hundreds of thousands of drivers living in the city of Atlanta, if you are looking for a way to save some money on your auto insurance, then you are certainly not alone. After all, car insurance can add up to be a huge expense, especially when taken into consideration with the various other costs already associated with owning a car. So if you want to purchase a new car insurance policy that is going to be a perfect choice for you, the key is to take your time and do some research in order to find out your local insurance requirements as well as discounts you may be eligible for.

Specifications Auto Insurance in Atlanta:

Atlanta follows the state of Georgia’s specifications, requirements, and minimum laws when it comes to auto insurance. There are some minimum amounts in place for personal injury protection coverage, which will cover the cost of medical expenses associated with people you may injure in an accident that is your fault. In the state of Georgia, you must carry at least $25,000 per person per accident, with a total of at least $50,000 for each accident. You will also need to have at least $25,000 in property damage coverage.

However, there are some unique circumstances in which auto insurance is actually not required in Atlanta. This includes a vehicle being stolen, repossessed, sold, or salvaged.

Requirements and Discounts for Auto Insurance in Atlanta:

Many auto insurance companies in Atlanta offer a variety of discounts for drivers who are eligible. For example, a common discount that many people can take advantage of is an anti-theft device discount. This applies to any vehicle with a built in alarm or GPS tracking system. Most cars come equipped with this these days, so it is an added bonus to enjoy the peace of mind of an anti-theft system while also being able to save some money. Most companies offer safe driving discounts for those who have gone a while without an accident or major traffic violation, though specific requirements for these discounts and their amounts vary from company to company.

Overall, it is best to shop around and receive quotes from various auto insurance companies in Atlanta to find the best deal on a policy that meets or exceeds the state minimum requirements, so start shopping around today and good luck!

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