Arizona’s Insurance Rates are Among the Highest

Arizona ranks as the one of this highest cost states for auto insurance prices

Arizona insurance According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the state of Arizona ranks as the one of this highest cost states for auto insurance prices, coming in 14th out of all states.

Typical households can expect to spend close to $1,700 per year in Arizona auto insurance costs, although the nationwide average is around $1,100 annually. Several factors go into the costs of auto insurance, including the average price of car repairs, insurance fraud rates, medical care, and the amount of uninsured drivers. These factors, of course, will vary from state to state, which causes some states, such as North Carolina and Massachusetts, to enjoy cheaper premiums, while states such as Arizona and Michigan are stuck with higher than average rates.

However, there are certainly options that Arizona residents can utilize in order to reduce some of their auto insurance costs. First, consumers should shop around for insurance companies that offer a “pay as you go” insurance rate. For example, Progressive Insurance is among one of the many companies that will allow its customers to install devices in their vehicles which will analyze information such as distances traveled and how many times brakes were used in an emergency fashion. These pay as you go discounts can end up saving Arizona drivers quite a bit of money if there isn’t extensive driving.

In addition, it’s always a wise idea to ask insurance companies for additional discounts. In some instances, discounts are not given unless customers ask up front. Student, homeowner, and safe driver incentives are among a few of the discounts that may be offered.

Consider lowering your premiums to liability only if possible, especially if your car is over five years of age and is completely paid off. Lowering to liability insurance could potentially save Arizona drivers over $500 or more per year.

Finally, don’t put off shopping around at different insurance companies. Utilize Arizona’s Department of Insurance website in order to comparison shop, get quotes, and uncover complaints filed against specific insurance companies. Even if you think the rate you have is as good as you can get, it’s a sound idea to always check around for better deals.

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