Allstate Insurance Company Ranks Two Arizona Cities as Safest Drivers

Tucson and Phoenix have some of the safest drivers in the nation

arizona auto insurance Good news is in store for drivers in Arizona in regards to insurance savings. A new study done by the Allstate Insurance Company claims that both Tucson and Phoenix have some of the safest drivers in the nation.

According to Allstate’s eighth annual America’s Best Drivers Report, Tucson ranked in the #1 spot for cities with a population between 50,000 to 75,000. The rank is a result of Tucson’s likelihood of collisions ranking 16.4% lower than the national average. Phoenix landed in first place for cities with a population of a million people or more, and boasts a 1.6% lower chance of accidents and collisions than the national average.

Allstate, which based its findings on damage claims data, stated that this could mean lower rates for Arizona auto insurance holders. Insurance premiums are based upon the amount of collisions and accidents in a state, the average medical care costs in a state, and the amount of uninsured drivers in a state. With the new report, this could potentially mean lower rates across the board for Arizona drivers. According to a recent report by the Phoenix Business Journal, Arizona ranks among the highest for insurance rates, so a decrease in prices would definitely be a welcome change for the state.

Other cities ranking top for safe driving include Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Madison, Wisconsin, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Boise, Idaho.

For more information on Arizona auto insurance companies and for an easy way to compare rates, visit the official Arizona Department of Insurance’s online website.

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