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Allstate Insurance Company Ranks Two Arizona Cities as Safest Drivers

Tucson and Phoenix have some of the safest drivers in the nation

arizona auto insurance Good news is in store for drivers in Arizona in regards to insurance savings. A new study done by the Allstate Insurance Company claims that both Tucson and Phoenix have some of the safest drivers in the nation.

According to Allstate’s eighth annual America’s Best Drivers Report, Tucson ranked in the #1 spot for cities with a population between 50,000 to 75,000. The rank is a result of Tucson’s likelihood of collisions ranking 16.4% lower than the national average. Phoenix landed in first place for cities with a population of a million people or more, and boasts a 1.6% lower chance of accidents and collisions than the national average.

Allstate, which based its findings on damage claims data, stated that this could mea...

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New Report Suggests Texas Auto Insurance Consumers Can Save Money

Texas Auto Insurance

auto insurance A new report geared towards consumers in Texas suggests that long-term Texas auto insurance holders will save money by comparison shopping and switching companies.

According to the Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC), the amount of time a customer is with a Texas auto insurance company is a good incentive to shop around for better rates. Customers that are with the same insurance for over two years have the best chance of finding better deals with other companies.

Save Money on Auto Insurance

According to the study, which calculated a rough savings percentage based upon the length of time with an insurance company, drivers should be able to save at least 5% on rates when switching companies...

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Arizona’s Insurance Rates are Among the Highest

Arizona ranks as the one of this highest cost states for auto insurance prices

Arizona insurance According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the state of Arizona ranks as the one of this highest cost states for auto insurance prices, coming in 14th out of all states.

Typical households can expect to spend close to $1,700 per year in Arizona auto insurance costs, although the nationwide average is around $1,100 annually. Several factors go into the costs of auto insurance, including the average price of car repairs, insurance fraud rates, medical care, and the amount of uninsured drivers...

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Lowest Complaints in Over a Decade : Texas Auto Insurance

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, drivers in Texas have filed the lowest number of Texas auto insurance complaints since 1994.

In records going back to 1994, Texas auto insurance holders made close to 4,160 complaints annually. In 2002, Texas auto insurance complaints reached an all-time high, with close over 5,620 complaints in that year alone. However, last year, in 2011, there were only 1,414 complaints. Typically, the complaints involve Texas insurance companies failing to pay claims in an adequate time frame. Complaints are usually filed via email, telephone calls, fax, or through the mail.

The spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Texas, Mark Hannah, stated that shopping around for the best Texas insurance is the reason behind the decline in complaints:

“That’s wh...

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Study finds California a “Low Cost Insurance” State

Low Cost Insurance State

California may have some of the worst traffic in the country, the highest living cost and sport one of the highest average per gallon gas cost, but when it comes to auto insurance, it is one of the lowest in the country per median income.

With the laws differing for insurance in each state, it is easy to see why there are such swings in household cost for insurance. Other factors that play into the cost of insurance are the fraud and accident rates of the specific area. In states like Florida, the fraud rate is so high that many insurance companies are weary to write insurance...

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Auto Insurance in Springfield: Requirements and Considerations

To drive in Springfield, people have to have driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, but they need auto insurance equally as much. They cannot legally drive their own vehicles if they do not first establish the fact that they have the means to pay third party bills if they cause a car collision. The only way this can be done in Springfield is to purchase liability coverage.

Liability coverage is required by law, and those who do not follow this law will have some unpleasant consequences. The penalty for failing to purchase the required liability coverage is a fine between $500 and $1,000. They will also lose their licenses to suspension for three months. To have their licenses reinstated, they will need to pay a fee of $100...

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