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Qualifying for the California Low Cost Insurance Program

Auto Insurance in California

California is one of the few states in the United States that offers qualified individuals a low cost option for auto insurance.  This auto insurance coverage will get your car on the road for normally under $400.00 per year for up to two policies per person. Since the California Compulsory Financial Responsibility law requires every driver on the road to have liability coverage at all times, this state coverage can help drivers who may not have the resources to purchase a normal insurance policy.

So what does this auto insurance cover?

  • $10,000 bodily injury or death per person
  • $20,000 bodily injury or death per accident
  • $3,000 property damage liability per accident

You can also add additional coverage, if that is your desire:

  • Uninsured Mot...
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How do I keep my insurance rates low in Florida?

Insurance discounts available in the State of Florida

Florida is a state that has insurance companies that offer great discounts. Listed below are some of the most common insurance discounts; however each company may have additional ones that you can take advantage of.   Once or twice a year, you should be giving your insurance agent a visit or calling into your insurance company to make sure that the policy has been updated with all of the appropriate discounts.


  • Good Driver Discount – Keeping your accidents, tickets and claims to a minimum is always a positive in the eyes of the insurance company. They will often times reward safe drivers with annual discounts.
  • Defensive Driver Certificate Discount – Have you taken a defensive drivers course? If so, send in the ...
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Marketing Strategy to Target US Hispanic Consumers

Hispanics in the US are Today’s Fastest Growing Population of Potential Insurance Consumers

When it comes to marketing strategies, insurance companies have a tendency to place too much emphasis on just one manner of driving business… or putting all their eggs in one basket. While this tunnel vision egg drop can pay off in the short-run, an insurance company that fails to spread its marketing eggs to multiple baskets is asking for future disaster. The importance of conservatively testing out other advertising campaigns isn’t just in determining what’s actually effective and in diversifying; it also means that if one preferred method stops working or becomes unavailable, the entire business isn’t then left scrambling for some untested spur-of-the-moment solution.

As far...

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Common Sense Resolutions to Combating Insurance Fraud in Florida

A Synopsis of Insurance Fraud in the State of Florida

Auto insurance fraud is still a major cost for insurance companies and agents, despite the number of years of working to combat the problem. The payout to these unnecessary claims causes the premiums to increase and this in turn causes honest customers to suffer. Plus, because of these fraudulent claims, those with legitimate cases find there is less cash available for honest claims. This is why it’s important for all insurance agents to be zealous in dealing with fraud and to deny coverage to anyone that falsifies their claim.

Auto insurance fraud is typically committed by people who over-insure their vehicle. This allows them to file a claim after they have intentionally caused or faked an accident...

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