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Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are shopping for auto insurance quotes in Florida, it means that you have taken the first step in saving up to $500 per year on your auto insurance. Shopping for quotes does not have to be a long, time consuming process for you. There are many great resources such as on the internet that will allow you to do the following:

  1. Research Auto Insurance In Florida
  2. Research Auto Insurance Companies In Florida
  3. Shop multiple agents and multiple companies to find the best rate

The first step to shopping for lower insurance rates in Florida is to do your research

What companies will offer me insurance? How will do those companies rate against the competition in terms of customer service? Finally, how can I purchase insurance through this company if they have a ...

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What if I get a DUI in Florida?

Driving under the influence in any state is a very dangerous and carries heavy penalties, especially in Florida. If you are pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol level of over .08%, you will be arrested on a DUI charge.  The state also has even tougher fines and penalties including jail time for those who are found to have over a .15% blood alcohol level. Florida also has an implied consent law that states that if you are pulled over for a suspicion on DUI and you refuse to take the breathalyzer, you will automatically lose your license for up to one year.

For the first time offender DUI offender in Florida whose blood alcohol level is found to be between 0.08 % and 0.15 %:

Up to 6 months behind bars

  • Up to a $1,000 fine
  • Up to a one year suspended license
  • Driving Under...
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Florida Auto Insurance

If you own a car or automobile in the state of Florida and plan to register it with Florida licenses plates, you will need what the state calls Florida Coverage or insurance from a company licensed by the Florida Department of Financial services. The minimum coverage for all cars in the Sunshine state is $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 of Property Damage Liability (PDL). 

What happens if I do not have insurance on my car in Florida?

If you are caught driving without proper insurance, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has the ability suspend your driving privilege for up to three years and seize your registration and plates. There is also a stiff fine in most cases to reinstate your license, which is up to $500.00.

What affects my i...

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Cheap Auto Insurance in Arizona

Auto insurance in Arizona is regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance which is based out of Phoenix and can be contacted at (602) 364-2499. If you are just moving to Arizona and shopping for a new policy, or if you have lived in Arizona your whole life and are looking to lower your bills, there are many companies to choose from. The state has quite a few regional carriers as well as the big national carriers that will offer you different rates depending on your living situation, driving history and vehicle year make and model.

Getting a cheap insurance: so where to start?

The first step in finding the cheapest possible insurance rates in Arizona is to educate you about the state regulations, laws and most importantly about the insurance itself...

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What happens if I get a DUI in Arizona?

Arizona is a state that is extremely tough on drivers who are charged with a DUI. Police offers in the State have been trained extensively in detecting drivers who have been under the influence. Signs that they will look for are erratic driving, blood shot eyes, slurred speech or the simple smell of alcohol. If you are pulled over and suspected of a DUI, the offer will normally ask you to get out of your vehicle and will be watching your every move as you do so. Next, the officer will administer what is called a field sobriety test that may be as simple as walking in a straight line, reciting the alphabet or testing your eye hand coordination. After this is administered, the office will make a decision on whether or not to ask you to take breathalyzer test and make an arrest.


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Is there a lot of insurance fraud in Florida?

As with many states, the auto insurance fraud rate in Florida causes prices to rise. You may have noticed that there has been an increase in the media coverage about insurance fraud. Recently, the Governor of Florida came out and stated that fraudulent claims cost over 1 billion dollars in excess premium to be paid. Fraud could range from anything from a staged accident, to a commercial vehicle being registered as a personal vehicle to save money on their insurance or even an auto body working with consumers to drive the price of repairs. The biggest issue is with fraudulent PIP claims being run through fake clinics or people faking injuries and receiving payments for the medical treatment that they did not ever receive...

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Common Insurance Misconceptions

Insurance is a very complex product and since it is mandatory in most states, there are many misconceptions in the market place that could leave you in a tough situation. Before you buy a policy, or even after you purchase it, it is always good to read through each line of coverage to make sure you understand your coverage.

Common Insurance Misconceptions

A few of the common misconceptions that consumers have about insurance:

I thought I had full coverage on my policy – In reality, there is no such thing as, full coverage. This term is often used to describe having comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle, but consumers often misconstrue this as being covered for all damage in all situations...

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The Importance of Having Insurance

The Importance of Having InsuranceRecently, I asked a group of my family and friends why they thought having insurance was important. The majority of the responses were something along the lines of, “Because it’s the law”. This response got me thinking about what the true importance of having insurance was. I have been in the insurance business for many years and know how important it is, but what about for the regular consumer? Yes, it is mandatory in most states and by most car insurance lenders if your car or home is financed, but the truth is that insurance is protection for you and your family. We have all seen the news when an apartment building goes up in flames or a there is a tragic car accident that kills a parent...

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