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What if I have a bad driving record?

Today, if you have a bad driving record, you can’t turn the clock back. In your past, you’ve probably been involved in accidents, or you may have committed traffic offenses. Although you cannot go back in time, right now you can take measures that would help you improve your score or rating situation based on insurance company risk measure. Otherwise, your insurance rate will be much higher than that one from an average person with a good driving record.

Some measures to lower your costs on car insurance

The first step is to compare from time to time the current rate you pay against the rate from other insurance companies, since not all companies weight factors equally when evaluating the insurance rate.

That way, you can find fair insurance rates, from agencies that take into account t...

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What information will you need to connect me with an insurance agent?

What information will you need to connect me with an agent?Espanol Seguros can compare your insurance policy rates quickly and easily against those of other insurance agencies in the market.

It is important to know that we will need your basic information such as name, insured asset, phone, email, state where you live, etc. We won’t request personal information like your Social Security Number or bank information. Just the information we need to make a rate comparison quickly, easily and free!

Cost of insurance: comparing rates

Once we compare your current rates, we can determine whether or not you can pay less than what you are paying or estimate if you can get a better and broader coverage...

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Can I change companies if I am not at my renewal date?

In most states, you can switch companies, when you to do so. However, you should check with a professional before contracting a new policy. If your residence is in one of the States where regulations establish some sort of notice period or additional requirements to cancel your policy before the expiration time.

One way is to consult the same insurance company you want to leave. Find out whether you can leave without a penalty, ask them to inform you where in your policy is that clause.

Also, if you prefer, find out more by consulting the State Insurance Department in the State you live in. You will be better informed before making your decision.

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How do I know if I have enough coverage?

How do I know if I have enough coverage?How do I know if I have enough coverage?

When we talk about auto insurance, we know that usually there are various particularities depending on the State where you live in.

In case you are involved in an accident (you were driving or someone you authorized was driving), and you are found guilty, you are liable for the injuries or death associated with the incident. If God forbid, there are deaths, the compensation costs can amount to high figures. It is therefore essential to consider whether the coverage provided by your insurance policy is enough.

Get the advice from an insurance professional or insurance company

Espanol Seguros will connect you with the right insurance professional, either by phone, mail or even in person, and in Spanish if needed...

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Why do I need insurance?

Why do I need insurance?Even if in our daily life we don’t take unusual risks, we will always be exposed to different contingencies, either at our personal level or concerning our family or property. As wisely as we may act most of the times, we live in society and risks are always present. For instance, the environment, weather, third party actions, etc., can bring us to an unexpected and unwanted difficult situations to deal with. And we’re referring mainly to economic risks without including personal injuries that may temporarily or permanently incapacitate us to perform our normal daily activities. This can cause large losses for the whole family.

That is why insurance is so important so it can cover for us and our economic needs in case of an unexpected situation or condition.

Private insurance: life insur...

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How much coverage do I need in my insurance?

How much coverage do I need?Establishing the best coverage amount for a particular asset is not easy to determine. Only professional insurance agents may be able to provide that figure accurately as there are many elements to consider.

There are specific considerations unique to each person according to several elements and factors which are carefully weighted in order to approach the best figure.

Some of the most important factors considered by a professional to establish the correct coverage amount are:

  • Assets amount
  • The particular needs of the family
  • The valuation of personal properties
  • The geographic location

Get the right coverage for your home, auto or life insurance

Espanol Seguros can help you by connecting you with an insurance professional who will establish the most appropriate coverage amounts for y...

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How do I know if I am paying too much for my insurance?

How do I know if I am paying too much?The first thing to do is to compare the current rates you are paying in all your private insurance policies against other companies’ rates. Remember, only a proper comparison can be made when you compare the same coverage.

Every day we are bombarded with advertising about the benefits of changing to this or that company and they even call us offering rates that sound too good, as we compare them with which we are currently paying. But the problem is getting a consistent comparison. can do the job for you, without charge, and based on your information, it may connect you with experts that can make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and where necessary, advise you on the right company for your personal situation.

What happens in the insurance world is not ...

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What insurance discounts am I eligible for?

What discounts am I eligible for?You may qualify for discounts, depending on the insurance company. The harder part to find out is what benefits you can qualify for under certain conditions and with what company. It is therefore highly desirable, if you want the best possible coverage with the greater amount of benefits you are eligible for, to contact Espanol Seguros. That way, you can be connected with an auto insurance professional to obtain the best personal advice.

Get the best insurance rates in the market

After you complete the respective online form, you will be able to compare prices or insurance rates, which can be done at no charge. Also, Espanol Seguros can connect you with a Spanish-language insurance agent, if you prefer.

Typical insurance discounts include: safe driver discount, military discount, multiple ...

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What are the state minimum auto insurance limits in New Jersey?

Basic Policy

Property Damage Liability: $5,000 Limit

Personal Injury Protection: $15,000 Limit

Standard Policy

Bodily Injury Liability: $15,000/$30,000 Limit

Property Damage Liability: $5,000 Limit

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $15,000/$30,000 Limit

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: $5,000 Limit

Personal Injury Protection: $15,000 Limit

*Both Basic and Standard Policies include $250,000 PIP limit for permanent or significant injury.

Getting car insurance in the State of New Jersey

As indicated, all coverage amounts listed are the minimum auto insurance requirements in the State of New Jersey to be legally able to drive.

However, you should assess your personal situation and verify if those coverage amounts are sufficient...

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What are the auto registration fees in New Jersey?

Weight Class Model Weight Fee
1 1970 or older Under 2,700 lbs. $35.50
2 1970 or older 2,700 lbs. – 3,800 lbs. $44.50
3 1970 or older Over 3,800 lbs. $65.50
4 1971 – 1979 Under 2,700 lbs. $38.50
5 1971 – 1979 2,700 lbs. – 3,800 lbs. $49.50
6 1971 – 1979 Over 3,800 lbs. $72.50
7 older than 2 years Under 3,500 lbs. $46.50
7 within 2 years Under 3,500 lbs. $59.00
8 older than 2 years Over 3,500 lbs. $71.50
8 within 2 years Over 3,500 lbs. $84.00
9 older than 2 years Commuter Van** $71.50
9 within 2 years Commuter Van** $84.00

Registering a vehicle in New Jersey and the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)

In the State of New Jersey, drivers must have at least 17 years old to register a vehicle. The registration of a new vehicle is valid for four years...

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I sold my car in New Jersey, how do I transfer ownership?

If you buy or sell a car in New Jersey, you are required to personally concur to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office to transfer the title. The process is usually very simple, but requires you to collaborate with the buyer or seller to ensure that the process can be completed successfully. To avoid additional charges ($ 25 penalty), you have to complete the title transfer within ten days from the date of the vehicle sale.

Checklist to avoid penalty charges when transferring car ownership:

  • Complete the back of the title, indicating the name and buyer’s address, the date of purchase, the odometer mileage reading, the sale price, the buyer’s signature and the information and signature of the seller.
  • Present the signed title and pay the fee depending on the vehicle type and model.
  • Th...
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What companies offer Auto Insurance in New Jersey?

There is a very large number of Insurance Companies to get car insurance in the State of New Jersey. These not only include major companies in the country, but many regional companies, which particularly in this state have very good reputation. For a complete list of insurance companies, visit the Department of Banking and Insurance of the State of New Jersey (DOBI), by visiting You can also request information on Insurance Companies in the State of New Jersey at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners by visiting

To get a quote for your car insurance, you will find different companies using common risk assessment factors, but those are not weighted in the same way by all of them...

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Shopping for Insurance in New Jersey

Finding the cheapest auto insurance rates in New Jersey takes a bit of work, but if you are willing to put in the time, you can find discounted rates. Although there are factors that you cannot control in the pricing of auto insurance, being smart about your purchase will keep your  So what steps should you take to ensure you are always paying the lowest possible insurance rate with the most coverage possible?

Follow these steps when searching for cheap auto insurance and you will succeed in your search:

  • Educate yourself – Do you know what coverage levels are on your current auto insurance policy? If not, take some time and read through our coverage definitions found HERE. Being educated about your purchases as a consumer is the best way to stay ahead of the game.
  • Ask about discounts
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New Jersey Auto Insurance

New Jersey Auto InsuranceThe State of New Jersey requires all vehicles on the road to have an active auto insurance policy. With this mandate in place, it is crucial for drivers to know their options when making an informed decision on which company to obtain a policy from.  Different auto insurance companies in New Jersey will charge you different prices based on factors including your driving record, credit or vehicle garaging address, so shopping your rate is very important.

What do I need to take into account when purchasing a policy in New Jersey?

  • Do you rent or own your home?– Your home is often times your biggest asset and making sure that it is always protected, is important. Your New Jersey auto insurance policy has safeguards to protect your home with higher limits...
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Speaking with an agent in Spanish

Speaking with an agent in Spanish“Speaking with an agent in Spanish saved me a headache! I now know exactly what my policy entails!” –George from Florida

Auto, housing, health, and life insurance

A large number of people have insurance on their property, especially their cars, homes, health, and life. These types of insurances are often offered by different sources and they are mostly paid by phone, check or automatic debit payments.

It is no exaggeration to say that we once understood the basic guidelines of the policy we acquired, but eventually, in the absence of accidents or events in the insured property, we often forget what insurance companies we have.
Today, each dollar is worth, so comparing the insurance rates you are paying against those rates from other companies in the market is something that can mak...

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When I got into an accident

When I got into an accident“When I got into an accident, I knew my rates would skyrocket. I found and they helped me shop my rates to the best company around. My rates didn’t go up at all, I saved money!” – Sarah from California



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I did not understand the importance of searching

I did not understand the importance of searching“I did not understand the importance of searching for rates until I came to and they helped me find a local agent who was able to save me over 200.00 a month.” Carlos from Florida



Read More was a great resource was a great resource“ was a great resource! Not only did I learn about insurance, but they connected me with an agent who spoke Spanish!”



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