For Insurance Agents who want to connect with Hispanic Consumers

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Tapping into Emerging Markets


  • Are you ready to supplement your bi-lingual sales force with the highest converting leads in the industry?
  • Are you interested in tapping into the fastest growing population in the United States?

There’s an emerging market out there that’s ripe for the picking. Don’t miss out on gaining the highest converting leads in the insurance industry, and certainly don’t miss out on tapping into the fastest growing population in the United States. What am I talking about? Simple, giving your sales force an edge by supplementing it with a Spanish lead program.

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is topping 40 million and is continually growing. That’s a huge demographic to just overlook! A Spanish lead program will be your first step in reaching this emerging market. And, considering that the average household size here is around four people, there’s an endless opportunity for cross referrals and sales.

Espanol Seguros has the lead program that is right for you

The lead program from Espanol Seguros is the premier provider of Spanish speaking leads in the insurance market. We offer long-term success to your sales force and the freshest targeted leads out there. We understand that the capability to steadily and consistently fill your pipeline with quality, fresh, targeted leads is the lifeblood of your business and can often be the difference between your business thriving or going down in flames. Our Spanish lead program is here to help your pipeline flow smoothly.

There’s no doubt that today’s insurance climate is anything but docile. New competition springs up everyday and with it comes a storm of vying for new customers. Likewise, for the newcomer, it can be tough getting your foot in the insurance door with the vetted, seasoned competition running you over. With our Spanish lead program, your bilingual sales force will be ready to tap into the fastest growing population in the United States with proven leads that covert into sales and referrals. Talk about an edge on the competition!

In a market where timing is everything, the importance of quick, accurate, and precise leads can’t be stressed enough. Since each and every lead is delivered straight to your bilingual sales department in real time, there’s no problem with a lead becoming dated and stale. Email or CRM, we will deliver fresh, accurate leads for maximum conversion.

Customizing the lead generation campaigns to fit your needs

Maybe you’re only looking at a specific geographic section? No problem! We will be more than happy to customize a campaign for your specific geographic area at no additional cost to you. With our help, you won’t believe how simple it will become to target filter your leads, boost your sales and referrals, and thereby boost your generated revenue.

Whether you’re a broker or agent looking to drum up your own leads or a business looking to get accurate, timely, and targeted leads to your bilingual sales department, our Spanish lead program can help you tap into the constantly expanding U.S. Spanish speaking population.