About Us – About Espanol Seguros

About UsUSCover.us by EspanolSeguros.com is a single stop website for Latinos who are looking to save money on their auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance. By submitting your information, you will be connected with a Spanish speaking insurance professional who will walk you through the process of obtaining a new policy, or reviewing your current policy for savings. Many save hundreds just by reviewing their policy!

In today’s world, insurance is overwhelming. With so many terms like liability coverage and comprehensive insurance can leave you with your head spinning. By connecting with our network of Spanish speaking auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance agents, you will help find the best insurance coverage at the right price.

How does EspanolSeguros.com work?

We have been in the insurance business for years and have built an amazing network of the best and brightest, Spanish speaking licensed insurance professionals in the business. We believe in the importance of connecting you with the right agent, one that will not only save you money, but one that will take the time to explain the nuts and bolts of a policy. Finding the right insurance policy is personal and we help you keep it that way.

The minute you submit your basic information, we search our database for a Spanish speaking agent in your area. If you want to talk over the phone, that’s fine! If you want to make an appointment to sit down with the agent, that works too! The process is designed to help you save money on your policy and ensure you have an understanding of what you are signing up for. Get your free quotes.